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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Attack of the Clones (or: why I think the whole Bourne thing is overrated)

Just for the record, I think Attack of the Clones was a great film; I'm only using its title for a clever headline.

My real gripe is about the posters for the Bourne movies.

Here is the one for The Bourne Identity:

Unoriginal original

And here is the one for The Bourne Supremacy:

Unoriginal sequel

Both pictures consist of Bourne running while holding a gun, with a crosshairs superimposed over the image. The posters were probably both made by photoshopping the same picture. I would say the posters are about as original as the movies. I wonder what great ideas they have for the next Bourne film (since that hack Ludlum managed to churn out three poorly written books about Bourne before he (Ludlum, not Bourne (the latter lives on in a fourth book)) died). Probably something like this:

I can photoshop better than Robert Ludlum can write


Anonymous pirracas said...

Good point! HadnĀ“t thought about it lol :D

Nice blog BTW! Keep it up!

3/19/2005 01:04:00 PM


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